Introducing Imogen Pope

Of all the changes one can make to a room, a new lampshade must be one of the easiest and most transformative possible. They can lend colour and texture and a sense of welcome to an interior, drawing the eye in the daylight and warming the quality of the light by night. It was these qualities that first led Imogen Pope to set up her eponymous homewares brand,
which began with a single frilled lampshade for her own house, and now offers a carefully edited collection of highly covetable shades designed to work with practically any kind of interior.

Hand-crafted in London and each made to order, the shades come in a variety of patterns, from wide stripes in shades of pale pink and black to cheerful ginghams and traditional florals.

The brand was born from Imogen’s desire for a particular type of lampshade as she was renovating her own house in 2021. Having grown up learning to sew from her grandmother, she experimented with running up a frilled shade for her new interiors and the demand from friends and family quickly grew.

Imogen’s enthusiasm for the power of lighting is infectious. “Firstly they make a space so cosy, and add a sense of intimacy to a room. They’re also so brilliant for layering, for bringing in pattern on pattern, so that stripes and florals and checks can all sit happily together. If you’re not brave enough to try something bold in a room, you can test the waters with lampshades, and they’re easy to move about, so they’re perfect for experimenting.”